When You Have a Flooding Roof

I knew I needed to find a company for gutter cleaning in Seattle when I was having my morning coffee last week and enjoying the scenic view outside my large bay windows. Living in the Northeast means you’ve got lots of trees and neat stuff to look at through your windows. Unfortunately, it also means you get lots of rain. It was raining quite steadily as I took in the view, but I noticed something wasn’t right. It looked like the water in one part of my view was like water coming out of a faucet. Very strange.

I grabbed an umbrella and went out to see what was going on. It quickly became apparent that there was some sort of obstruction in the gutter because the water was pouring over the lip of said gutter and pouring straight down. Not good. Anyone with a house knows this could cause serious damage to your roof. You want the water draining away from the roof, not back flowing over it. With time I could be looking at an expensive roof repair or, even worse, a flooded attic with water coming down through the ceiling.

So I went online to find a company to come out and take a look at the problem. I’m too old to go poking around on a ladder trying to dislodge leaves or who knows what stuck in the gutter. The company I went with came right out and cleared a lot of leaves and small branches from the gutter. The actual clog, sad to say, was a dead bird that bloated and got stuck in a corner piece. Fortunately it didn’t go down the pipe and get stuck there! Anyway the incident just reinforced the idea that I need to have this done on a regular basis, and these guys will definitely get my return business.

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