Types and Contents of Business


There area unit completely different types of business letters, used for various functions. they’re divided into 2 kinds: the business to business kind and also the business to shopper type. These business letters have identical define as knowledgeable letter.

Business letter outline:
– Date
– Sender’s address
– within address or the recipient’s address
– Salutation
– Body
– Closing
– Attachments
– Initials of the employee

Business-to-business sorts area unit meant for company to company communication. Examples are:
o Appreciation Letter – a letter of feeling and appreciation for facilitate extended, or an honest dealing.
o thanks – could be a letter of feeling.
o Congratulations – could be a letter that praises the recipient for employment well- done
o Letter of Recognition – a written statement of recognized efforts the same as associate degree appreciation letter.
o Letter of Reference – could be a recommendation letter. it’s a letter increase the character of an individual to be accepted in a very job.
o Recommendation – is associate degree endorsement letter to rent an exact person. Sympathy letter – could be a letter of condolences to an individual or family.
o invite letter – could be a letter persuading an individual or a corporation to affix an incident or an incident.
o Letter of credit – could be a method of endorsing an exact business to be thought of a credit loan.
o Letter of interest – a reply to a request that confirms presence on the event/occasion.
o Business memoranda – notices that area unit distributed to the employees. they’re reminders of company activities, or close at hand changes within the company. Business introduction – is finished to introduce a brand new business to the readers.
o missive – a letter that talks concerning the plans for the business.
o Donation letter – a letter inquiring for donations.
o Termination letter – additional popularly called a resignation letter. It signifies someone’s need to go away employment for good.

Business-to-Client letters are:
o Welcome Letter – welcomes the shopper and thanking him for selecting the corporate.
o Letter of Appreciation – thanks the shopper for having business with the corporate.
o Apology Letter – asking the shopper for reconsideration, and apologizes for failing to deliver.
o assortment Letter – notice outstanding payments due.
o Invoice Letter example – this can be asking the shoppers to state the invoice range of their transactions.
o Letter of invite – tantalising a shopper to affix an exact gathering.
o selling Letter – is stating the most recent merchandise that the corporate can offer shortly or is presently providing.
o Rejection Letter – is stating the rejection of the client’s request.

Business letters area unit additional formal in writing. Follow the formats strictly. Be concise, clear and direct to the purpose.

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