The Rest of the Tree Had to Come Down

I was inside my house when I heard a loud noise not long ago. I ran outside to see what had happened, and one of my trees was toppled over. I had no idea what had happened, but I knew that I needed to find a company that does tree removal in Gwinnett County GA quickly. Part of the tree was still standing, but it did not look very sturdy. I was mostly worried about someone getting hurt, so I went online to see which company could come out that same day.

I did not just choose the first company I saw right then and there. I wanted to make sure that they were reputable and reasonably priced. I am not struggling, but I am also not able to just throw a lot of money away either. I wanted to make sure the company was honest and fair, and the company I chose was both, and more! I called them after reading some online reviews that were on an unbiased review website for our area. I know that companies can put whatever they want on their own site, but I trust this other site to have fair and honest reviews.

When the company came out, they quoted me a very reasonable price to remove the tree. When I asked what had happened to make it come down in the first place, they said that it was just rot. They showed me on the part of the tree that was on the ground, and they told me that it was just a matter of time before it had come down. They also checked the other trees on my property to see if any of them needed treated or cut down, but all of the rest were good. I like that they took time out to do that for me!

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