Protecting My Home from Tiny Invaders

My house is very old. It was built in the 1970’s. That is almost fifty years ago. It has many cracks and crevices as entry points to pest. Last week, my wife Jenny saw two mice playing in our living room. They were chasing each other around the room. They also climbed up the exquisite furniture of my house. Jenny was so mortified, She is very afraid of rodents and bugs. I also saw some termites in the bathroom walls. I needed pest control for Randwick immediately. I needed to have peace of mind for my family.

The infestation of the rats was a big concern of mine. Rodents such as mice and rats carry many germs and diseases. I am afraid that the mice could bite my wife or myself and transfer a deadly, nasty disease to us. The mice could also bite our children and make them sick as well. Mice also have fleas that can spread disease as well. They are very small and hard to eradicate. I wanted the exterminator to get rid of them as well.

The termites were also a threat to my archaic home. A lot of the support beams of my house have wood. The termites could have been gnawing away at my home for years. This was dangerous because they could have ate through the foundation of my own home. Giving enough time, the termites could have done some real damage.

The exterminator showed up at my house the next day. He was fast and on time. I told him of my problem earlier and he showed up with his tools. He was ready for work. He sprayed chemicals in some of the open cracks for the termites. He told me that they would be dead in days. For the mice, he sprayed special chemicals to poison them. He told me the rats would be gone very soon.

The exterminator did a very good job. We have no more pest problems.

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