Parking Lot Sealcoating Buys Time Before Repaving is Necessary

Commercial parking lots take a beating. We bought a closed convenience store and reopened it. The store was one of the few of its kind that do not have any fuel pumps. It is right in the middle between two very large housing plans for middle income families. We remodeled and put in a more trendy product line and have been doing well. We did not have it in the budget yet to repave, and the lot was getting shabby looking. We hired a company to do parking lot sealcoating for us. It made the lot look really good. It also stemmed the deterioration caused by cracks and wearing away of the asphalt’s waterproof components.

We had killed the weeds growing up through the cracks, but the cars and rain were weakening the pavement faster than we expected. We needed to get another year out of the lot before repaving since it was a major expense. The parking lot sealcoating and new parking lines made the lot look fresh and new. The company did a great job. The rain stopped seeping into the cracks, and the weeds stopped popping up in the cracks too. We did not repave until two years later, and we still had a good amount of service life in the old parking lot. The sealing was worth the cost of having it done.

Asphalt is aggregate and binders. A new road is nice and smooth and dark black. As the rain, tires, wind and sunshine get exposed to the pavement every day, the black waterproof binding aspect of pavement begins to wear off at the surface. Stress cracks begin to appear in the surface. They then get deeper until they go all the way through. Then the roads get potholes and fall apart. Sealing stops a lot of the natural processes at work that can ruin your paved surfaces. It is an inexpensive way to get more life out of pavement.

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