My Mom Bought Me a New Steam Mop

My mom bought a Shark steam mop not that long ago, and she has been telling me ever since I need to get one. I thought she was just being over the top with her enthusiasm, because that is just how she is. When I went to visit her last week though, she actually made me use it. She raised me to always clean my floors on a regular basis, and she just kept going on and on about this being the best mop she has ever owned. I decided to just mop her kitchen floor to get it over with.

I was really surprised to see that her enthusiasm for this steam mop was warranted. I had to laugh because I was pretty enthusiastic about it as well after trying it. It did not take very long to heat up at all, and it was effortless to use it. It was also very quick, because I was able to flip the mop over, and it allowed me to clean that floor a lot quicker than if I had just been able to use one side. There is also not a trigger that I had to keep squeezing to let out more steam.

I have used ones like that in the past, and I have always thought they were okay. Having a mop like this though made me realize that it is a lot nicer to not have to use a trigger to make the steam mop work. It is lightweight, and I knew that I was going to order one for myself. That is when I had to laugh again because before I left, my mom gave me one that she had ordered for me online. She knew that I would like hers so much that she didn’t want me to have to wait to order one for myself.

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