Learning How to Do Home Renovation Projects is Not As Hard As You Think

I used to be afraid to do anything as far as fixing our home was concerned. I did not have the fundamental knowledge of how things worked. My family was not like that growing up. It was out of necessity that I began to learn things when I got married. We lived far away from both sides of our family, and we did not know a lot of people where we lived yet. Another factor was having to save money. I remember when I looked up how to remove thermostat online so I could replace it. I knew for certain it was broke, because a stepladder I leaned against the wall got knocked over by me and slid and busted it.

I was surprised at how simple it is to hook one up. I had no idea how many wires would be in it, and I had no idea at what voltage those wires would be. I did not know if they could give me a big shock or not. We had central air, so I had the wires for that and the two for the furnace. I ended up putting in a nice, but affordable, energy-saving thermostat to replace the old one that was on the wall before. It took me about 10 minutes to do the whole thing. It actually took me longer to figure out the programming for how the energy savings works for the thermostat than it did to remove the old one and install the new one.

I have discovered that most of my home renovation projects are like that now. I go into a project taking the time to learn how to do it right. This includes meeting all of my local and state code requirements. I do not want to do any work that would not pass inspection. You have to think about your homeowners insurance when you are the contractor renovating anything on your house.

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