Leaf Debris Rotting in Gutters Had Bad Smell

We were sitting out on our deck when the weather began to turn warmer. I kept smelling something after it rained that reminded me of sewer gas. I was checking everything, even the storm drains in the street. When the birds began nesting again, they were picking things out of our rain gutters for their nests. I knew I needed to clean the gutters, but I did not know it was the source of the bad smell. The birds dropped some debris from the gutter on the sidewalk. I could smell it. We decided to get a gutter protection system installed after our gutters were thoroughly cleaned out.

The rotting leaf mess smelled like sewer water. It was awful. Guests could smell it when we were entertaining. I’m glad I finally figured out the source. I would have never suspected that smell to be coming from leaves in the gutters. The rain and sun was breaking them down into compost, and most compost has a smell to it. It was not as bad as sewer gas, but close enough that I did not want it coming back after the gutters were cleaned.

We had an aluminium mesh gutter protection system installed. It has tiny 4mm holes in the mesh to let water through and no leaves or other debris. Many gutter guards have holes that are big enough for leaf pieces and other plant material to get through. It does not take a lot of time for it to build up if it can get in your gutters. The gutter guards we have now seem to keep out everything except water. No more rotting leaves or sewer smell will be coming from our rain gutters this spring and summer. Not having to pay anyone to clean them out any more will let the gutter guards pay for themselves too.

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