It is Hard to Keep Things Clean Without Outside Help

I really had no idea what was coming when it comes to time management and keeping your very own business running. Everyone always said that I was fantastic at being organized. It is something that I had heard early on as a child, and that continued through to adulthood. Everyone was right up to the point that I opened a business and began struggling. I knew that I needed to make some big changes, so I figured that office cleaning in Toronto would be my very first step in helping to get things a bit more in control.

When I opened the business, I opened it with my best friend. I am the sole owner and president, but she is the vice president. She is a fantastic person and that goes for her work ethic as well. I knew that we would be a perfect fit when it comes to working together. Like me, she also has always excelled at staying organized. But as my business grew, we found ourselves struggling. We both worked late into the night to try to stay on top of work, but who knew that we would also need to stay even later just to clean the office? It was so frustrating. I drove home each night so tired that I feared I would get into a car accident. That had to stop before I accidentally hurt myself or someone else.

The other thing that I needed to do was to hire someone. Our workload had become so large that there was just too much going on for my VP and me to finish in a timely manner. Between bringing on a third person and getting someone else to come in every other day to tidy things up for us really helped us gain some of our valuable time back.

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