Cleaning Blonde Brick Homes of Coal Dust from a Nearby Railroad

Our house is in a small community not far from railroad tracks where trains haul coal. The dust that comes off the open top coal cars settles on everything. We are constantly wiping off the patio table. I make a joke about getting black lung and never having worked in a coal mine. Our blonde brick home gets to looking quite dingy with several months of exposure to the dust. We hire a company that does brick cleaning in Birmingham AL to make our house shine again. We get it done about once a year, and the results are just phenomenal.

I have seen the dust come off the coal cars be so dense sometimes that the area around the train turns black. Precautions are supposed to be taken to keep the dust to a minimum. For example, the coal is supposed to be wet down to keep the dust down. Either they are not doing it right, or it is drying out in transit. The trains are supposed to not go over a certain speed through town as well. I am not out there with a radar gun, but I can tell by the look and sound of a train when it is going faster than the others. We need the coal for electricity and steel manufacturing, but I think a few more precautions could be taken to keep the dust down.

We pay for having the brick cleaned on our house. It looks really good after the company that does brick cleaning in Birmingham AL finishes the job. I take before and after pictures. I’m not so concerned about the work being done because we would have our home’s exterior cleaned anyway. What does concern me is breathing in the coal dust for all these years. Maybe there is something to my joke.

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