A Cleaning Company Worth Their Reputation

I did a search not long ago for a company that does bond cleaning in Melbourne. I knew that I was going to move soon, but I also knew that I did not have the time to give a thorough cleaning to my condo. I am not the type of person to do anything without giving it my all, which is why I wanted to hire a professional cleaning company to come in and take care of it for me. My niece and her friend offered to do it for me, knowing that I would pay well, but I knew that a cleaning specialist would make sure every nook and cranny was taken care of.

If it was just running the vacuum and dusting, it would have been a different matter. However, this was the final cleaning before moving out, so I wanted to make sure that everything was clean. I went to the website of a cleaning company that came highly recommended by a work colleague, and I was impressed with what I saw on their site. I contacted them about their availability, and I was able to schedule the cleaning appointment on that same phone call.

I have a balcony as well a Venetian blinds, so I was happy to see that the prices for these two additional services were right on their website. I also wanted the three kitchen appliances cleaned, and they were able to do all of that at a very reasonable price. When they were done, I was very pleased with the work. I didn’t do a white glove test, but I know it would have passed, no matter where I touched. Even the floor and corners were in pristine condition. I cannot say enough good things about this cleaning company, and I completely understand why they have such a great reputation now that I have used them too.

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