A Cleaning Company That Does It All

When I started looking at different companies that provide Toronto janitorial services, I was surprised when I came across the one that I use now. I had obviously heard of Kleenway since they are a leader in the industry, but I had no idea that they embraced as much as they do on job sites. If a company just wants office cleaning done, then Kleenway will do a fantastic job. If a company just wants janitorial service done, Kleenway is definitely the company to go with. However, they do so much more than that, making them a well rounded company.

They do a lot of things I would not have associated with a cleaning company. I know there are a lot of companies that will not do windows on the outside. When I realized that Kleenway does them, no matter the height of the building, I knew that I wanted them, since I have a three story office building that has a lot of windows. I had hoped the cleaning company I hired would do the interior windows, but I had no idea that they would also do the exterior as well. That is not all either.

They also handle grounds work that includes not only regular lawn care but also landscaping. First impressions mean a lot, and the outside is what everyone sees first. I know that none of the businesses that I work closely with have a shabby exterior, and I did not want one either. They also provide day porter services, will handle paint jobs, take care of minor plumbing and electrical issues, and so much more. This company really does do it all as far as making my building look the best it can be, inside and out. When I say everything, that is what I mean too, because they also keep my parking lot cleared of snow in the winter too!

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